Mental Health Matters Support Line

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Mental Health Matters Support Line
0800 616171
Operating in Redditch and Bromsgrove
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Mental health matters support line 0800 616171. Mental Health Matters (MHM) is a national charity with over 35 years of experience in delivering high-quality mental health and social care services. MHM has a hugely positive impact on the lives of people living with mental health needs in our local communities. We provide services across England, from Northumberland to Plymouth, led by a highly motivated and enthusiastic workforce who are committed to delivering the best quality services to those in need of support. We support more than 15,500 people every month to achieve their recovery goals, and we are always seeking to develop and expand our services to reach more people in need. It is our vision that everyone can access support for their mental health to live a meaningful life, in a society free from stigma. To make this vision a reality, our purpose is to provide innovative, life-changing mental health support for individuals and communities.
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