Batchley Support Group

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Batchley Support Group
21 Salters Lane, Batchley
Salters Lane
Batchley Redditch
B97 6JY
01527 457291- 07979 314083
Operating in Redditch
Additional Details
Batchley Support Group aims to empower local people by building resident participation and involvement in community activities, promoting regeneration and access to services, reducing inequalities in health, advancing social inclusion and lifelong learning and campaigning on local issues. More information can be found by contacting us by on 01527 457291 or visit our Facebook Page @BatchleySupportGroup: Employment Support Young people support Mental Health Support Gardening scheme Community Allotment School Breakfast Club The Hen House - The Hen House is are woman's group that meets every Wednesday from 10 am till 2pm Community Pantry Homeless Support Financial Advice Safe Space