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2 Grosvenor Gardens
020 7823 5430
Operating in Redditch and Bromsgrove
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Parents Advice Line available Mon-Tues, 10am-5pm Since 1985, we have worked tirelessly to promote the anti-bullying message and shine a spotlight on child protection issues. Vision We believe that all children should be able to grow up in a world free from bullying and abuse, and that all adults should keep children safe and help them to reach their full potential. Mission Our mission is to ensure children live in a safe and nurturing environment. By providing training, support and advice to children, parents, schools and those in professional contact with young people, we enable them to gain knowledge and develop the confidence and skills to challenge abuse and bullying in all its forms. Values Our values are based on the following beliefs. •All children have the right to lead their lives free from bullying and abuse. •All adults have a responsibility to support, nurture and care for children to enable them to reach their full potential. •All children should have the opportunity and confidence to report bullying and abuse. •Bullying and abuse in all forms is not acceptable and should not be tolerated. •Children, confidentiality and trust are at the heart of everything we do.
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